Before the Rains

End of summer holidays.

Every year at the end of January and before the rains end summer,

I try hard to cheer myself out of my holiday and into another year of paid employment.

Carefully, I go over all the benefits of having place of work and honestly admit that there are many.

I dare not to think of Charles Bukowski or even Tin Ujevic or any of the bohemian fraternity.

In this endeavour I mostly succeed as all the years gone by confirm.

Then I sit on the balcony and look across the roof tops,

Heavy, low clouds hang over the hill tops.

Cruise ship glides across the water away from the harbour.

Alone seagull screeches into the still, hot air, heralding his


To come and go


And I stayed there for a long time,

Until dusk brings cold breeze of night.

Then I must go inside and start preparing for

Morning’s work.

If only I can remember



Kise (Rains)

Napisano u srpnju 1982, kada sam imala sam samo 17 godina, kao moja kcer sada … zivjela sam u Zagrebu tih godina i ni sanjala da cu jednog dana zivjeti ovdje u Novom Zelandu … ali ipak sacuvati poeziju pisanu tih godina.

(In English: I wrote the poem below in July 1982, I was only 17 years old, like my daughter now … I was living in Zagreb in those years, and not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine that one day I will be living in New Zealand … and still keep poems I wrote in those years).


Nocas ce padati kise,

Od suza satkan trag,

Po oknima dugo ce tuga, –

Ispirat’ nocni san.

Nocas se padati kise,

Vec vidim blatnjav put,

Ulicu mokru I sjajnu

Sto tece mimo nas …

Velika lokva na kraju ceste,

Kaze da jos smo tu,

Na kraju grada u svom

Kisnom snu.

In English:


It is going to rain tonight,

Trail woven of tears,

For a long time sadness will wash,

Night dream from our windows.

It is going to rain tonight,

I can see the muddy track,

Wet, shiny street,

Passing by us.

Big puddle at the end of our street,

Cries that still we are here,

At the edge of the city,

In our rainy dream.