We the People

The people have spoken and there is no escape from it.

Not even on my little island bathed in the fragrant rain of late spring.

While primroses and billy-bells are preparing to burst into new season.

Full of hope.

Not unlike people who voted for a man who some other people pronounced laughable.

And then proceed to employ never-before-seen heavy and well-oiled media artillery to defeat.

And lost.

Enter the utter disbelief.

Of those whose well-insulated worlds shield them so well from reality of many that they dismissed them as ‘undesirables’.

Clearly they have forgotten history lessons of their expensive educations.

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“!

Nothing unifies and ignites masses of ‘undesirables’ quicker and stronger than disdain of elite.

Any elite.

Anyone could have mobilized the sea of raw hurt in the same way.

Anyone who could convincingly promise to restore dignity.

When you offer a jobless man a job, even as a promise – you give him back his dignity, or at least a promise of one.

The man with funny hair and panache for provocative rhetoric happens to have both necessary qualities; a drive and a stomach for it. In addition to a completely clean slate when it comes to politics; a quality highly prized by those dismissed by the ruling elite. His long-standing friendship with his opponent and her family was of course conveniently overlooked as it always happens with inconvenient minor details.

It is questionable whether he himself was/is fully aware of what he has unleashed and/or how is he going to cope with it. Only time will tell.

While the woman with a severe face and highly-polished exterior continued to remain oblivious of the number and power of those she dismissed. After all they do not future in the world she knows and therefore they cannot possibly matter.

In doing so she, perhaps even unwittingly, sharpened the blade that divides her country to possibly dangerous degree. Still, the onslaught of hatred of those who brought her opponent into power continues everywhere.  Why? What is to be achieved by sawing seeds of hatred against large number of people who did nothing but voted for their preferred candidate?

Because this was not a vote for Trump against Hilary – this was the vote against elite and all it represents.

This was the vote that fervently wished to deliver one message and one message only – We the People will not be dismissed!

Whatever you choose to call us, and however ‘racist’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘islamophobiac’, ‘sexist’, etc. you think we are … we will be HEARD!

If that sounds familiar … because it is.

Not long ago voters of another western country shocked their elite by voting out of European Union. The basic motivation was/is the same – give us back our country, our jobs … our dignity!

While it is certainly not the first time in human history that the ruling elite first invents than proceed to believe in a ‘new and better human being’, existence of which would always benefits their interests, the reality of human nature continues to show itself for what it is – survival instinct first and foremost. And when those appear at risk … all is and will be possible.

To start with I have never cared much for either Trump or Hilary.

But all that changed on the day a woman in my office looked at me with such an open disdain that it was palpable. It was clear she thinks me not only a dimwit but beyond contempt. Because I tried to voice my concern over the clearly orchestrated media-onslaught of Trump during the election camping. I did not even say that I favour Tramp (because I don’t). Imagine if I did.

It was the day I learned first-hand how ‘undesirables’ feel.

And why Trump would win.




Price of Cloth

For weeks now news trickled into our living rooms;

Factory collapsed in Bangladesh. Bangladesh

Toothless mouth of an elderly man gapes open in pain; looking for his daughter under the rubble,

Gone to work this morning, cutting garments for living,

Day in and day out,

Three small children left at home.

Beautiful young woman climbs over the pile of bricks; searching for her sister,

They worked together, side by side; making clothes for exports, to places unknown,

From dusk to down.

She was pregnant, she said,

Her sister was.

Then she covers her eyes inside the red and gold coloured head-cover,

To join others standing in a long line waiting for bodies. Women wait for bodies at Rana Plaza

So we can buy trendy clothes for handful of coins and marvel at how cheap they are. Over lattes and brunches on lazy Saturday mornings. Dissatisfied with our lives, our bodies, our children. Only happy with the price of cloth; so cheap you can buy many. And if you do not like them; just threw them into garbage. Easy.

Camera zooms in on a group of men standing in a small circle. Their shirts are thorn open; ribs protruding, hands slicing dusty air.

They shout angrily; building was derelict, everyone knew it, managers forced workers in; to keep up with demands for exports, engineers are corrupt, owner is a gangster who kept a gun in his office.

Our wives and sisters and mothers are dead.

We must change that.

News’ crew moves on. To some other slaughter. To some other sorrow.