Times of one’s life

At the beginning of winter, when sky hung so low you can almost touch ink and steel on gods’ table, silence started to sneak in. Creeping from walls; edging them ever closer around me.

Then all the scary things returned to stand around my bed in the pale lights of pre-dawns. Scary things always need silence to come out. And cold. They cannot advance where there is a light and warmth and laughter. Buoyancy of life shrinks them back into their lairs. It is why I loathe all the scary things – for they are cowards.


So I went on in search of a light, and warmth and laughter!

That was some 77 days ago. As it has been that long since the last post kindled the Lantern.

No, I did not seek either light or warmth or laughter inside the long corridors of libraries with endless stack of books, or amid the writing brotherhood … or any such place where serious scholars dwell.

Instead I went to places where brightly lit entrances lure passers-by and music, together with few drunks and some yesterday lovers, spills on the pavements in droves.

I celebrated my twentieth anniversary of life in New Zealand (14th to June) in dancing halls where people still dance to the music coming from big instruments played by smiling musicians and tap their feet to lively beat of Gypsy Jazz and Charleston and Balboa and Lindy Hop.


In the process I learned that no matter how bleak winter night might be or how many dreadful news are splashed across TV screens – dancing never fails to make heart smile!

WP_20140614_022 WP_20140614_026

And that one must learn to enjoy dancing long before all of the steps are learned!

It is only then that I truly knew how right good-old Voltaire was when he said: ‘Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.

And pledging to do no harm in the world full of harm is no small feat indeed!

I continued to celebrate my 49th birthday (19th of July) in the same vein and kitted out in the flapper feathers! I decided that if there is ever to be a time machine – I would kindly ask to transport me directly to Great Gatsby’s party … and thank you but no – there really is no need to come back for me!

WP_20140719_015photo 4

I found the place where ‘Speakeasy’ is held every Friday night ‘to honour the brave and reckless souls who braved the prohibition’! If only we could be so brave and so reckless against our prohibitions!

And what about scary things?

They are still lurking from their dens of course … but this old girl is far too busy dancing to pay them much attention. Besides spring is almost around the corner!

As for the birthday wishes … well they have not changed much since those I wrote about in 2012 or 2013 … except with every passing year there is less of them.

Presently only three still remain;

  1. to write (full-time),
  2. to love (and be loved) breathtakingly, and
  3. to travel (world).

Dancing of course comes with them all – because life is too short not to dance!

That really is it!



Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

26 thoughts on “Times of one’s life”

  1. I am so glad you are back Saniela! I breathtakingly love this post, so there’s some help with 1 and 2….xoxo You’re an amazing writer, thank you for taking me with you!🌻


  2. Belatedly, Happy Birthday! Great you have been celebrating and dancing away the dull winter nights. I love the feathers!! I can attest that what you say about summer is true. We are in the middle of it now. Sending some cheer your way. May all your wishes come true!


  3. Nadam se da si dobro kao sto je dobar ovaj odlican tekst. Evo i ja sam zaplesao! A zelje za rodjendan? Pa tocno ove koje i sama zelis. 🙂
    Stay beautiful (as You are!) 😉


  4. Happy Birthday my friend plus congratulations for 20 years in NZ. These things come in threes. I wonder what the third celebration is ……. oh…… you are back blogging of course ! Hugs to you Daniela. Ralph xox ❤


    1. Thank you so much! It is always so lovely to see you under the Lantern -:)!

      And you are right indeed – voids are best filled with music and dance!

      Many thanks,


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