Walking through the city carless and childless!

About a month or so ago I undertook a radical cleansing, sort of ‘life detox’. In the process I disposed of all unnecessary, non-essential and otherwise superfluous ‘things’ … those objects we accumulate throughout our existence and, in the process, convince ourselves that we absolutely need and must have all of those ‘things’.

That our lives are simply not possible without the certain number of square meters occupied by those ‘things’ … ranging from piles of clothing, footwear, electronics, ornaments, games, boats, sporting gears, cars … oh yes cars too!

That’s right; among the ‘things’ I decided are not essential was my car too. There were several reasons for this, (not the least that I was always somewhat of a rubbish driver … my searches for destinations are quite legendary in some circles -:)), but after some weeks without it, I am convinced it was a right decision!

For a start; cost of running the car is very high when compared to an average earning in my part of the world, then there is of course stress of finding a park in the city (and in my case never quite remembering where have I actually parked the jolly thing -:)), stress of causing or being part of an accident, … I am sure there is a very good reason why truly reach people have professional drivers to drive them around and take care of their vehicles!

I am of course aware that there are places and circumstances were a car really is essential. When my child was little, that was my situation too. We lived in a very small country town without a public transport and a car or a taxi was the only option apart from walking. For years the main, if not the only, use of my car was to drive to and from pre-school, child-care, school, various out of school activities … and of course finally letting the child learn how to drive the very same car (yes, it was an old but well looked after car).

However, since I am now childless as child has flown the nest, and carless as there is no longer anyone to drive to and from, I have taken to walking around this city which I arrived to almost 12 months ago. And what a joy that is!

Once you start and discover first few secluded streets and alleys … you realize that the only true way to claim a place for yours is to walk it.

And so when I stroll down from my little Cottage in Hobbiton I happened upon the Wellington’s Botanic Garden, a sight to behold.

Take a look:

And there is a lantern of course -:)
And a place for one to sit ...
And a place for one to sit …
Isn't is just beautiful -:)!
Isn’t is just beautiful -:)!
Flowers everywhere!
Flowers everywhere!

And then if I continue walking down towards the CBD, after some ten or fifteen minutes I come upon the New Zealand Parliament  Buildings of which the Beehive is the most famous and some say the ugliest building in Wellington … I would not go that far – I think just ugly would suffice -:)!

Wellingtonian’s owe the Beehive to a Scottish architect Sir Basil Spence who provided the original conceptual design of the Beehive in 1964. The Beehive was built in stage between 1969 and 1979. The building is 72 m high has ten stories and four floors below ground.

Here it is in all its glory:

No wonder it is called beehive -:)!

 And now of course I am in the CBD, the compact but vibrant place. 

It occurred to me that there only two cities in which I have been both; carless and childless; Zagreb, the city in which I grew up and Wellington the city to which I came once I ceased to be a day-to-day, hands-on parent … while there are oceans between those two cities, and the whole sea of my own life in between, the both cities made me walk through them to get to know them.

And so here is the little snippet of Zagreb … this is the Croatian National Theater in the Zagreb’s CBD. The University I attended is just across the road from it and the my bellowed Upper City not far either.



Author: Daniela

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44 thoughts on “Walking through the city carless and childless!”

  1. We also do not own a car and walk to the small store everyday, often meeting neighbors. My favorite walk is to leisurely stroll down to the Cavtat Riva…


    1. Thank you very much Margaret, I am sure more and more people will eventually come to the same conclusion and adjust their circumstances accordingly when they can!

      All the Best,


  2. I totally agree that being without a car is liberating and you can discover places on foot (o by bike?) – we live in Central London and I had same problems like you, where to park the car, where did I park it last time? being towed away due to roadworks (and I didn’t notice until I had to collect it and pay the fine) being scratched and dented by careless drivers…. Now I use public transport, the London Bikes, and if I really need a car I use Zipcar, a car-sharing scheme, there are many cars parked in the area where I live and you just book it on the internet for 1/2 hour or longer. Bliss, I love the person who invented a car-sharing club. Enjoy walking around in 2013. ciao


    1. I am very glad to hear that you have the similar experiences … it really is liberating! Bikes are also in use a lot here including push-bikes. My favorites are retro ones (very old bikes so well looked after or re-polished that look just fantastic). Having said that Zipcar is a fantastic idea … nothing like that here. We are probably too small for a car-sharing club to work.

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting … it always makes me happy to ‘see’ you under the Lantern!

      Best Wishes,


  3. Hi Daniela, I once lived in Aro St and enjoyed Wellington walks for a couple of years and its a shame that the car is essential for so many of us. Enjoy, 🙂


  4. Simply gorgeous! I love a good walk when the weather is pleasant… 🙂

    Can I ask more about the de-tox you did? I myself have been thinking of starting a practice of taking a ‘tech-sabbath’: meaning, for one day a week no electronics (or at least no computer and no internet). Did your cleansing process include something like that?

    At any rate, glad to see you are well and enjoying life!



    1. Hi Julie,

      Thank you very much for visiting -:)! Always nice to ‘see’ you under the Lantern. My ‘life de-tox’ mostly focused on disposing of all unnecessary possession and things that are generally clutter-creators! I have also re-located into much smaller abode since my daughter is now living in a different city from mine due to her studies. I must admit that ‘tech-sabbath’ sounds very reasonable and I would most certainly encourage you to do so. I have also limited the time I spend on internet and minimized TV and other electronics use time. It does wonders for one’s well-being!

      Best Wishes,


      1. Fantastic. That sounds incredibly tranquil…I think minimalism can be used to great effect to simplify our lives and free up time and spirit!

        I will have to give the tech-sabbath a try and see how my time fills in without electronics… 🙂

        All the best,


  5. Prvo što sam svojim zadnjim preseljenjem odbacio bio je tv. Tako se otvorilo vrijeme uvečer za čitanje ili gledanje izabranih filmova na kompjuteru. Zatim je na red došao auto. Postao je preveliko opterećenje. A ionako sam zbog cijena benzina počeo putovati javnim prijevozom (putujem svakodnevno Zagreb-Samobor-Zagreb). Time se opet stvorilo vrijeme za čitanje u busu. Ili gledanje okoline. Ili osvježujućeg drijemeža. Zatim sam shvatio da imam previše stare odjeće koju sigurno više neću nositi. Sad je nosi netko drugi kome je potrebnijia.
    Knjiga imam premalo mada mi ni ove koje imam ne stanu tamo gdje bi trebale stati. :)))
    UBR (to je BTW na hrvatskom :)) – bijah za vikend na Gornjem gradu. Plinske lanterne uredno svijetle i pod snijegom, kod Palainovke (koja je preuređena, nažalost na meni ružnije, ‘preobnovljena’ – rekla bi moja mlađa kći dok je bila mala) i na Kapucinskim stubama – tu sam ih fotkao mobitelom – evo linka:
    Pozdrav 🙂


    1. Puno, puno hvala za slike … prekrasne su -:)! Kako bih ja voljela ponovno prosetati stubama … eye!

      Svaka cast za odbacivanje TV! Potpuno se slazem … nevjerovatno koliko stvari mi svi imamo, a kada se potrudimo pogledati koliko ih zapravo trebamo – postane jasno da vecinom nisu neophodne!

      Sve najbolje i sretna Nova!



  6. Na stranicama tvoje “Lanterne” srce uvijek zakuca jedan otkucaj vise…. 🙂
    Hugs your way dear Daniela
    //Eclipse (….ljubomorna na bornaijinu setnju gornjim gradom…. 🙂 )


      1. P.S. i od mene, ha ha. Drago mi je da vas vesele moje šetnje Gornjim 🙂
        Iduća šetnja koju poduzmem Gornjim ili nekim sličnim mjestom bit će zabilježena s više fotografija, nadam se uspjelih. Pa ću ih i podijeliti na nekom vidljivom mjestu 🙂


  7. I am glad that I am not the only person to lose his / her car. I once drove to the DIY shop around the corner and then walked back to my house. I only realised there was a problem when I decided to go back to the DIY shop for some more nails and my car was missing from the drive… I really thought it had been stolen.


    1. Oh this is just fantastic – it really made me laugh with pure joy as I have many similar stories from the time I still had car😊! Nowadays – my “walking devices” are permanently attached to my body😊! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!


  8. Enjoyed this post so much. Wish I could be liberated from cars, however, I live fifteen miles from the nearest grocery store and seven miles from a bank or post office! I CAN purge myself of many other “unnecessaries” cluttering my life. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Dear Melody,

      First, let me apologize for such a late response … I am sorry indeed as I have been rather swamped with work/life and all in between -:)! Nevertheless your comment truly made me smile … I love the the idea of ‘purge’ and the fact that you live seven miles from a bank or post office! I imagine it must be quite lovely where you are as absence of any official building almost always makes surroundings more beautiful and peaceful.

      Many thanks for reading and commenting,



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