Lantern is Coming of Age!

Today is exactly five months since first ever post was published on the Lantern!

While we all know that five months is virtually no time at all in blogosphere, there is a feeling of coming of age on the Lantern -:)!

And this feeling stems not so much from the length of time the Lantern has been glowing in the blogosphere, but more from what has happened during that time.

The Lantern started very shyly, and her little light only flickered in the vastness of cyber space. Many hours have been spent pondering about it, arranging and re-arranging the Lantern’s appearances, reading and admiring many, many creative, inspirational, and overall great blogs. There was a time when the Lantern felt quite inadequate. Still, her keeper kept on kindling and loving her.

Croatian Licitar Heart

And then some things started to happen … from time to time the Lantern sparkled like Christmas’s star in a child’s hand, and her glass clinked with excitement while she whispered to her keeper: ‘Oh look, look, someone just passed by … someone has found us, and left us something, just for you and me!’

With every visitor she became more, and more excited, until her keeper had to strengthen her old body, and polish her glass from the mist she would create on those nights few passed by. 

And without even knowing it; the Lantern was coming of age.

Because in five months she published 100 posts, and when her light illuminates these words, the Lantern will count 101 posts.

In July, after only two months of blogging, the Lantern was featured on Freshly Pressed … her glass was misty for days after that.

Many kind souls found in their hearts to nominate the Lantern for number of blogging awards.

The Lantern received some real books from Steven Pressfield and gave them away in the same way she received them; free.

By now, the Lantern received more than 13,000 visits, and over 400 people decided to follow the Lantern!

While neither the Lantern nor her keeper ever think of any visitor or follower as statistics, we both know well that none this would have ever happened, without all of YOU dear blogging friends!

And how can we ever thank you?

How can we ever thank you in thousands different languages, scattered on all continents of this wonderful and wondering  world … we know we could never do the justice, but still we will try our best;

Thank you/Hvala Puno with all our hearts to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU;

  • Those who visit, read, leave little glowing ‘like’ stars, comments, observations, thoughts,
  • Those who quietly send us an email to let us know we have misspelled the word in our post, and to correct it quickly before many sees it! So we do not write ‘put the kettle on’, as I am afraid we did! And many similar blunders beside!
  • Those who, despite endless number of blogs on offer, email us to ask where are the updates on the Lantern!
  • Those who let us know, also ‘on a side’ via email, that the photo of a product in our last post is actually out of date!
  • Those who blog in languages we do not know, and use Google translator to the delight of both parties!
  • Those who nudge us and encourage us to write and keep writing … to tell our story!
  • Those who re-assured us over and over again that really there is no need to worry about making mistakes in our writings!
  • The ‘list’ can go on for ever and it will still be short … before the Lantern become too misty again, we can only say

            We are truly, truly grateful!

And we wish you all love and peace wherever you are!










Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

53 thoughts on “Lantern is Coming of Age!”

    1. Thank you so much my dear -:)!
      I am so glad we get to know each other in this vastness of cyber space -:)! I remember well, and always will, those days when I had to search to find out how to respond to your comments … that was how uninitiated I was!
      Many thanks,


  1. Only 5 months!? But, my dear, you have accomplished so much in such a short time. I applaud your efforts and enjoy reading you so much! I lift my glass in your honor, and wish you many, many more months and years of shining your light on the rest of the world, as it emits such a friendly glow to warm us all!


  2. All grown up now Daniela. Congratulations and you deserve every accolade bestowed upon you. Now you brought me here on a quest to find something. What?? sheep. I love the cake…no. I give up!! Love Ralph x


      1. Oh please do not make me start thinking it might be an age thing -:))! It will come to you eventually … what do we ‘put on … when we want to make cup of tea … a kettle or cattle’?


      2. Oooh!!! Of course. That was fun. I wasn’t far out with the bull shop ! You got yourself in a right quandary that day. But, anyway, well done Daniela 😀 Ralph x


  3. Wow, has it only been five months? You have such magnificent presence, Daniela, and so many wonderful things to say I feel like it has been far longer.

    At any rate CONGRATULATIONS and I look forward to many more wonderful thoughts, fictions, poems, and other articulate posts from you 🙂



    1. Oh thank you very much Julie -:)!

      You are one of the first writers/bloggers I get to know in the blogosphere and I am so grateful for that!

      Many, many thanks!

      Kind Regards,


  4. Wonderful post… I for one so enjoy your writing, wit and sense of compassion. There is a song running through my head now (I think it’s from my church days when I was a child)
    “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”

    Keep on shining!!! 🙂


  5. Congratulations Daniela! It’s very wonderful to hear your heart sing through this post. Now, I’ll go and get caught up on what I’ve missed from you while I was away. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  6. Congratulations, Daniela! Those are nice numbers, you got there. I know I’ve contributed well. Hehe. Love this blog. I didn’t even know you were Freshly Pressed, nor only a 6 month old blog. I just follow your blog, and that’s all I need.
    More and more power to your blog, keep it up and have fun blogging!


    1. Hi -:)!

      Thank you so much, and you have contributed well of course -:)! Yes the Lantern is not all that old, the first ever post illuminated the Lantern on 20 May this year … and lot has been learned since that time! Over and above all it is about people, always about people, and this world we share!

      Many thanks


  7. Congratulations! I do understand the desire to celebrate. My first blog will be a year old this month and the second one just shortly after. We are glad you jumped into the blogging pool!


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