Our invisible world

What is invisible?

What matters?

How much do we know?

Can we understand what we cannot see?

Who we are?

Why we are here?

What is ignostic?

What is the point of it all?

Those and countless other questions most of us ponder daily or at least frequently.

We discuss and debate our views and opinions, and often strongly defend our particular point of view.

And that is always good really, as nothing sharpness the mind better than the passionate debate on those issues we feel strongly about.

What’s more, by engaging in such discussions we learn how to meaningfully voice our views and believes, while respecting those whose views and believes are different to ours – one very important skill.

I could not think of better, more interesting or  funnier answers to the above questions than the animation below!

Enjoy and let me know what you think -:)!



Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

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