One day in the life of a writer

Peel you eye lids open just a little bit. Still semi darkness. Untangle your hand from under the pillow/duvet/head and reach for glow-in-the-dark clock. Knock your elbow on the corner of the bed-side cabinet. Swear loudly. Just before 4 am. Mumble something incomprehensible and turn on the other side of your too big/too empty bed. Sigh and try going back to sleep.

No luck with sleep. Pummel the pillow bit more. Turn again. Pull the duvet over your head. Too hot. Throw duvet away. Swear.

Go to the bathroom. Toilet flush makes too much noise. Wide awake now. Almost day-light. Return to the bedroom and open the curtains.

Seagulls above the city. Light in the window across the street. Insomniac next door.

Return to bed. Sit and stare through the window. Think about writing. Think a bit longer. Nothing. Fish for the laptop under the bed. Battery flat. Swear. Look for the cable in the ‘writing room.’ Return and plug it into the socket behind the bed-side table. Cable not long enough. Move to the very edge of the bed. Keep balance. Screen lights up.

Check email. One from Nigeria, two from Hong Kong. Never heard of senders. Millions on offer just send details. Get angry.

Need coffee. Go downstairs. Can’t find slippers. Swear. Make downstairs barefooted and dance on the spot while waiting for coffee to percolate. Inhale deeply. Take the sip. Heaven. Bring it upstairs. Warm feet under the bed covers. Reach for the laptop. Balance coffee mug, duvet, laptop, pillow. 

Check the blog. Five stars, six comments. Smile. Read. Smile some more. Type responses. Giggle. Click on the Reader. Relax. Read. Sip coffee. Alarm clock goes off. Spill the coffee. Swear like Mrs Brown. Shite. Work.

Collapse against the pillow. Gaze through the window melancholically. Reluctantly switch the laptop off. Finish coffee. Gone cold. Sigh. Slog to the bathroom. Stand under the shower and think about writing. Could write chapters if not forced to work.

Fight for Find a seat next to the window on the bus. Stare into suburbia. Think about writing. Fish for a notebook. Can’t find it (again). Swear. Make a mental note of that blog idea.  Get off the bus at right stop (last time went around city – half an hour late for work).

Find your cubical. Sit down. Work. DO NOT; think about writing, shout on the phone, munch on sweets, fell asleep at the meeting, contemplate breaking a computer, walking out, committing crime to write in prison, breaking down to write in hospital.

Wait for the lunch break. Consider going to the gym. Decide to write instead. Stare at the page. Stare outside. Decide not enough time. Start writing a blog post. Wait for end of the day. Contemplate walking home. Decide it takes too long. Save time for writing. 

Arrive home. Heat left overs and take them to the ‘writing room’. Decide to write. Check email. Nothing. Log on Tweeter. Check out Face Book. Left overs gone cold. Need coffee. Make coffee and find chocolate. Take it upstairs. Bring up the file. Stare at the last chapter. Yawn. Sip coffee. Put Bach on. Wait. Yawn. Eat some chocolate.  

Remember beginning of that blog post. Write few more lines. Log on. Continue writing. Check stats, comments, likes. Write some more. Search for the suitable image. Re-write some paragraphs. Check for errors. Save.

Note it is getting late. Go to the bathroom. Switch the bedside lamp on. Bring the laptop to bed. Balance. Re-read this blog post. Publish. Go to the reader. Read. Comment. Fell asleep. Wake up in the middle of the night with hands still on the laptop. Swear. Shove the laptop under the bed. Go to the bathroom. Return to bed. Think about writing. Feel sorry for yourself a little. Never have any time …

Repeat all tomorrow!





Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

27 thoughts on “One day in the life of a writer”

  1. Hello Daniela, what a marvelous post. When I did a video about how I write a post (which scared the crap out of me because it isn’t something I usually do) I didn’t put in that the usual noise from the background (children, teenagers, cat’s, dogs, other adults), made me have to record it in the middle of the night – lol). You write so clearly here about the thinking processes that go along with living through the day and night (lol) of a creative blogger. I really enjoyed this! Thank you, Penny


    1. Dear Penny,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting -:)!! And I think you are brave indeed to record the video about writing … I am not that courageous!

      Many thanks,


  2. Absolutely spot on!!! My options are: 1) magically create more hours in a day. 2) buy the winning lotto ticket to enable me to leave work 3) Have a hissy fit at work, walk out and learn to live on $2 per day. None of which seem feasible but ….. one day….. we will have that inspiring cottage to write in with the money tree in the back garden and no pressure – yeh, sure 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for this awesome comment! I am still smiling-:)) Now; option one – no can do since not God, option two – keep trying but so far nada, option three – inching towards it a little bit more every day … after all better $2 a day than a loony bin!
      Many thanks,


    1. LOL! You are welcome to laugh … you are so young that I will forgive you anything, just make most of your youth and never, ever let go off your own writing dreams and desires! I am glad you like it!
      Thank you very much -:))


  3. Sounds like a cuddle accompanied with an encouraging word, along the lines of “don’t worry the words will come.. in their time”, stiff drink and then sleep, may have been needed….


    1. Writing itself is liberating … everything around it; distractions, lack of time, etc. is hard!
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting,
      Take Care,


  4. Interesting. There are times when I find a real tension between feeling I need to complete another blog post and wanting to get on to other writing projects. Do you find the same tension?

    ‘Swear like Mrs Brown’–very funny!


    1. Hi Janet,
      Oh yes, I do indeed find the same tension … somehow I always seem to ‘squeeze’ time from somewhere for the Lantern at the cost of other writing projects! Have not come up with a solution yet!
      I am so glad you recognized Mrs Brown, I just love her and her boys!
      Many thanks,


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