Whose Business Is It Anyway!

“It’s None of Their Business That You Have to Learn How to Write… Let Them Think You Were Born That Way. “ (Ernest Hemingway)

Ernest Hemingway
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“It’s None of Their Business That You Have to Learn How to Write… Let Them Think You Were Born That Way. “ (Ernest Hemingway)


Author: Daniela

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19 thoughts on “Whose Business Is It Anyway!”

  1. My neighbours have just bought a posh dog, and they are busy attending some dog training (or so called obedience) classes.

    We’re writers, bloggers, surely we also need to train ourselves, to learn how to write?

    How many people are born writers?


    1. Hi Janet,
      I love your comment and the analogy is just great! Thank you very much!
      Now about been born as a writer … there is no such ‘thing’ (ever was or ever will be) as a ‘writing child protégé!’ However, since a little bird told me you do have ‘The War of Art’ I can tell you that many of the answers on ‘training’ can be found there!

      Many thanks,


  2. i always thought that writers just knew how to do the things you all do with how detailed and poetic things / people are described. until i started the college composition class and there were sections devoted to describing things in a manner that is more enticing and draws a better mental picture for your readers.i am only about a month into the course. previous to starting it i had thought it would be about the usual english class type lessons. so now i’m glad for needing it as a pre-requisite and it’s 6 whole credits is a nice fringe benefit indeed 🙂


    1. Hi Morrighan,
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I really love your comment as it reflects the way I used to think once! While reading some of the authors I love, I never for a moment thought that there was any other process involved but sheer talent spilled on the paper … until I started reading and studying some of the books published on the subject of the actual craft of writing (I wrote about it in some of my earlier posts in ‘on writing’ category). It opened the whole new way of understanding writing process.
      Congratulations on taking the course! Let me know how you progress!
      Best Wishes!


    1. Well, grating ones nerves with writing is OK too! Because as long as they are those whose ‘nerves’ will be calmed by one type of writing, there will be those whose are grated by it and this is just fine!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      Best Regards,


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