Saturday morning and Awards!

If you work during the week, or at least are required to be at the certain place during the designated hours, then you know how precious Saturday mornings are!

On those mornings you can lavish in bed and sip your first coffee in perfect silence, read paper and even to try and catch up on all those blogs you wanted to read but did not have time during the week … listening sounds of neighbourhood’s kids laughing and running, skating and skipping outside your window … smiling at first, still a bit wary rays of sunshine, and planning your first blog post! Oh, if somebody can only make me another cup of hot coffee … life does not get better than this!

I know my wishes are rather simple and somewhat ordinary … but in the world where, at one end violent riots are organized and people are killed because of an appalling-quality movie trailer, while at the other end pictures of a young woman going topless when on holiday with her husband spurred legal action … well, frankly I prefer my coffee! And company of my well-wishing blogging friends!

Because during the week, three of those wonderful blogging friends nominated me for three different blogging awards! And as I know how much most of us love those awards as gestures of appreciation and encouragement for each other’s efforts, here I am once again to share it around.

The first nomination came from lovely Liza of ‘My Life is a Picture Show’, (‘No Tickets Required’) at: . Liza is an awesome blogger and a wonderful fellow human, so please visit her blog and see for yourself! Liza nominated me for a ‘Thought Provoking Blog’, and for that I thank her very much! I love thought provoking stuff.

The second nomination, for ‘Seven things about me’ award,  came from Joseph, at: Joseph blogs in Spanish, and while I do have working knowledge of Latin and Italian, I am completely at loss with Spanish! Never mind that; here comes the Google translator! When I received the nomination, I went to thank Joseph … and of course used the Google translator he helpfully offers on his blog … well once text got translated into English, I could not stop laughing … for, among other things, it referred to me as ‘he’ and ‘his’! Isn’t blogging just wonderful! Please visit Joseph’s blog, whether you understand Spanish or not, as his photographs are truly amazing, often laced with subtle eroticism. Thank you very much Joseph for both; the nomination and the laughs!

My third nomination, for the ‘Beautiful Blogger Award’ came from Raven’s Witch, at: who blogs about interesting and intriguing staff cantered around thoughts such as; ‘The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper’ (Bertrand Russell). Please pay a visit and see for yourself! Thank you very much for the nomination!

As all three awards ask for me to write seven things about me and to nominate other deserving blogs, here I am to attend those tasks.

This time, seven things about me are:

  1. I have only recently learned to play, and developed love for table tennis.
  2. I love Jack Nicholson; both as a wonderful actor and a truly manly looking man! I might be old-fashion but I just cannot see that they make them like that anymore!
  3. If I can wish for one talent, I would choose singing! I admire people who are able to carry the tune well!
  4. My life-long ambition is to be a travelling author!
  5. I believe that being a parent is the only ‘job’ where one is irreplaceable.  
  6. If I can be magically transported to one destination in the world instantly, I would choose Dubrovnik.
  7. I still enjoy good western. The last one I watched was ‘True Grit’!

 This time my nominees are:

  1. Shook at: for the concept based on trust; ‘Shook is an online social marketplace that brings trust into the equation’.
  2. Nature Photography and Imaging at: for outstanding photography and thoughts such as this one; Photography allows, if not requires, me to slow down and to become aware of some of the details of my surroundings.
  3. Margaret’s Miscellany at: for an imaginative and wonderful blog and inspiring thoughts such as; I never travel without sunscreen. I believe you should take as many pairs of shoes with you as you want when you travel. Clothes you can always buy, but not the perfect pair of shoes.’
  4. Man of Errors at:  for a truly great blog written by a New Zealand teacher, discussing topics of importance. The blog is not only well written and presented but also contains wisdom such as this: ‘A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.’
  5. RL King, at: for beautiful poetry, and thoughts such as: ‘My illness of choice: Writing. My writing is my soul on display…’
  6. Brightlightsandbuffoons, at: this is a very new blog, I just cannot past it because of: ‘Stop and consider! Life is but a day; A fragile dew-drop on its perilous way’… and’ Making a futile attempt at adulthood…’
  7. Rebecca, at: for the amazing lines such as; ‘Irma Prattle, who has a high rise condo behind my ear, pokes me to write, and when I’m finished she says, “Now, doesn’t that feel better?’ My answer: “Yes and no.” I think she wants to be me.
  8. Suletta, a; for absolutely amazing stories and photographs from Africa – ‘The Zanzibar dairy farm story.’
  9. KC, River of the Heart, at; for all the love and warmth he pours into his poetry, and
  10. Janet at; a wonderful blog and for sheer joy in finding another blogger who wrestles with the exactly the same issues I do – in Janet’s own words: ‘You may find some odd grammatical errors, but they are not intentional. For example, I don’t seem to be able to use ‘a, an, the’ in the right place. Sometimes singular and plural nouns also baffle me.’

There are of course many, many other wonderful blogs out there … but as one human being, I can only reach, read and nominate very limited number.

I know that there are three awards on display here, however as they have the same rules, serve the same purpose and you all are fantastic bloggers, you are welcome to them all!

Best of Luck to you All!


Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

27 thoughts on “Saturday morning and Awards!”

  1. Gualaaaaa…!!!! (expresión en Español de asombro) Muchas gracias. No quería darte tanto trabajo, sólo que mis contactos pudieran conocer tu trabajo. Google se porta mal con las traducciones, pero poco a poco irá mejorando.

    Muchas gracias. Muchos besos. Mucha suerte para ti Daniela.

    Gualaaaaa …!! (expression of surprise in Spanish) Thank you. I did not want to give you so much work, just that my contacts could hear your work. Google misbehaves with translations, but will gradually improve.

    Thank you very much. Many kisses. Good luck to you Daniela.


  2. I, too, if I could choose one great asset in life, would choose a singing voice! I used to think, when young, that that is what I would do. I spent hours in front of the mirror, singing my heart out. Loved it (still do). Then one day, after clearing a room, I realized….better look towards getting a day job….. Congratulations. Well deserved. Your posts are excellent reading! 🙂 xo barbara


    1. Thank you so much Barbara!
      I do love singing very much, even though it sounds dreadful as my lovely teen misses no chance to tell me … still who cares if it makes me feel good, which it does!

      Kind Regards,


  3. Dear Daniela

    Thank you for your nomination, and I am really honour to have you mention about my blog in your award’s post. Congratulation to you and I will keep following your excellent writing and story =)!

    Warmest regards


  4. Hey Daniela, thanks to brightlightsanbuffoons, I’m here. I agree with you that I would rather be here blogging and reading blogs with my Saturday morning brew than doing just about anything else! Enjoyed the post : ) Looking forward to more!


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