We have it too!

Oh yes, just like everyone else New Zealand has a talent too! And plenty of it in a distinctly quirky ‘kiwiana’ style, as seen last night.

Judges: Ali Campbell, Jason Kerrison and Rachel Hunter.

Because where else would you have 63 years old man as a first act on the opening night? Billy Rimmer is a one-man-orchestra; ‘Billy’s Big Brass Band’ and it is not to be sniffed at! Billy was suitably attired in an army suit, carrying quite big drums on his back, cymbal on his head, and playing the trumpet to a theme from ‘Dad’s Army’ As a good NZ bloke, Billy readily admitted that he has never performed before and everyone loved him!

While some rather scary performances followed, everyone took judges’ decisions with a good humour and ‘sweet as’ attitude!

Seventeen-year-old Tawaroa Kawana, pulled out just about every stop to win over one of the judges; NZ own Rachel Hunter, by singing ‘Don’t Want To Talk About It’ by Rachel’s ex-husband, Rod Stewart. She almost cried! And before you even think about saying ‘oh how corny’; do not bother – audience stood up since we are in NZ and everyone loves Rachel – still our most famous export!

There was of course aging Elvis impersonator, belly dancers, local sword-swallower, and walking rainbow wane-be singer. All good fun.

The title of the funniest first-timer surely must go to Russell Gray dancing to Britney’s Spear’s ‘Toxic’. He even managed to get Rachel on stage to help him!

Dance troupe J-Geeks delivered a truly outstanding performance by incorporating Maori themes into a medley of pop songs.

When Dane Moeke appeared on stage in a t-shirt and bare feet, because, as he candidly explained, his jandals got a bit sweaty, we all felt a bit warm and fuzzy inside! Once it was clear why he was barefooted, Dane belted out Whitney Huston’s number splendidly.

Nine years old Ocean yodelled like she was born and bred in Swiss Alps rather than Ashburton, and ten years old Michael Jackson’s fan; Jessie Hillel from Wellington sang beautifully.

To top it all of … now wait for it … we have had 91 years old lady from Christchurch; Olivia Turner singing ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ with perfect pitch and diction!

Christchurch is the city I have lived for 10 years before my recent move to Wellington. Two years ago series of devastating earthquake shook the city, destroyed countless homes and took many lives. When Rachel asked whether she was affected by the earthquake, Olivia simply answered; ‘Yes, I lost my home’ and proceeded to sing … as you do at 91, and singing on national television’s talent quest!

That my dearests, is true New Zealand talent!


Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

18 thoughts on “We have it too!”

  1. i love the sound of New Zealand, i always have, i wanted to emigrate there years ago and hearing stuff like this just makes me love it more, i always feel like i could fit right in there, thank you for sharing have a great day. 🙂


  2. I usually avoid those “talent” shows like the plague, however I made an exception seeing it was our country. I was delighted to see the lack of precocious prats that I’ve very briefly seen on the Aussie and US versions. This was more like the original show from the UK, full of genuine people with a real passion to have fun and entertain. We may not have all the glitz and glamour but we definitely own being Genuine!


  3. i want to come to New Zealand to!!, i’m here though to say that i have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award!! my post will be up soon 🙂


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