News on Saturday morning

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I let the news in this morning. They sneaked into my living room disguised inside the fragrances of freshly brewed coffee and grass just mowed down.

I should have been more vigilant and never let it in. Because it is early this Saturday morning and my working-class neighbourhood is just stirring. We can sleep a bit longer on weekends while there is no work.

Then stroll down to the markets for some food, and a bit of a gossip. Load our cars with kids, assortment of gears and friends, and friends of friends, to go to sports, or picnics, or just down to the harbour to sit in the shade and watch small boats gliding across the water. While there is no work.

 In the evenings we might come out to smoke, and drink, and socialise, and to complain about the prices of food, and petrol and booze. And how rich bastards are getting even richer every day. Before to go to work on Monday. If they give us work that is.

But I was not vigilant. And the news splattered itself in front me.

Gina Rinehart is an Australian woman who has $19 billion dollars, and was reported the world’s richest woman earlier this year. Gina originally inherited the mining enterprise, but has since expended it to its present stratospheric level. Gina sits on pots of money.

And she writes a column for Australian Resources and Investment magazine. In her column she fumes against class warfare and tells all the poor souls out there to stop attacking the rich once and for all, and go to work instead. Because as Gina writes; ‘there is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire’. If you happen to be a born-poor, or a working-class poor, or any kind of poor for that matter, and have time and energy to complain, get over it and go to work. Do not sit around complaining. Do something to make money for yourself; ‘spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working’ she chirps. If Gina has her way; taxes will fall in Australia, red tape will be cut down, environmental rules erased and the minimum wage made even lower.

That’s right Gina, you just sit on your pots of money and tell us. We deserved it. Because we let you grow into a woman without making sure you read Dickens, and Hugo, and Orwell and Steinbeck, and many others, while you were just a young girl. Until you knew at least some of it by heart.

But we have neglected you.

Because we have failed to take you to the orphanages and prisons and detox centres, long before we gave you any money.

We have failed to make you hand the food, (even just for once), to self-maimed street beggars, and change dressings in field hospitals under the shelling.

We have failed to show you slums, and shanty towns and brothels. We never made you sleep in leaky refugee boats, or give medications to AIDS victims.

We never made you hold an infant dying of starvation. Or stand in a long queue under the rain and snow waiting for work. Hungry and embarrassed.

We have failed to show you why you don’t need $19 billion dollars for yourself. Because there is only so much space you can, and ever will occupy on this earth. Because there is only so much time you have been allotted and there is not a second more you can buy with any money. Not even pots of it.  

And this is our worst failure; to have never thought you that by erasing tears of anguish, and huger and shame, your own space becomes bigger, and your time extends. Into eternity.

But we have forsaken all our duties to you. And so you know no better Gina.








Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

40 thoughts on “News on Saturday morning”

    1. Thank you very much Jason, I really appreciate your input. Often, when I read your writings I feel that the two of us are likely to be on the same side of barricades , (I am sure you know what I mean).


  1. Engaging and raw. I love this post, Daniela! I think Gina needs some grounding. You can sit on pots of money, but really, what reality and joy can it buy you? Maybe we NEED that time to sit around and smoke and gossip because it’s part of being human and experiencing life. I’d rather be poor and happy than live as a billionaire with no salt or spice in my life, just work, work, work. No thank you.

    Great post!


  2. Each and everyday, I wonder how ignorant can be stubbornly sitting on the mind of the people. Getting rich is not a sin, but getting rich and being ignorant is.

    Thanks for the thoughtful article.



  3. Daniela I love the concluding paragraphs. I tell my friends sometimes, no matter how many cars you own, at any one given time you can only be driven in one. And depending on whether one wants to be buried or cremated, the space one really needs is a few metres square!


    1. That is exactly right! If we can all just remember that really and truly our space and our time are both so limited, this place will be in a far better shape and we will be far better people for it!
      Many thanks for reading and commenting,


  4. The old adage applies here – money cannot buy happiness. I would take happy over money anyday and I think I can honestly say at the moment that I have a happy life. I have a close family, great friends and am living a life of my choosing. Can Gina say that?


    1. I doubted she can say that … because if money on its own can bring us happiness and fulfilment – likes of M. Jackson will still be alive and so will numerous others who, despite all the money, lived lives of misery and despair. But those of us who came into possessions of money (and loads of it like Gina) ought to help those who don’t and in doing so make this lonely planet a bit better place, instead of lecturing us on our ‘sins and laziness’ as mighty Gina is doing!
      Many thanks for reading and commenting,


  5. Gina’s story gets even worse…..she inherited her wealth, sure she has grown it but still she began life wealthy beyond the normal. She then went on to sue her father’s wife (her stepmother) for what the father had left her. She is currently in the courts blocking her own children’s claim to their finances….and she forgets her wealth is one she has gained from Australia’s mineral resources, resources which have taken millions of years to lay down and whose wealth should belong to the people of Australia, not just one woman. She is also, an unknown in terms of philanthropy. A very sad woman, always at odds with her world.


    1. Yes, I heard or read somewhere about that too … really tragic! You have made a very good point about Australia’s mineral resources; wealth of country and its people rather then one or few chosen!

      Many thanks for reading and commenting,


  6. My comment? You should email her a copy of this post. It is not negative in any form or fashion, but does peel back the veneer covering her world and just maybe she will see the light..


  7. She/they don’t listen and perhaps they never will. But thank you for being persistent in trying to make them listen. We should never give up.

    The thing is……..we/you are not trying to deny them or belittle their achievements. Being rich is not a crime. You/we are trying to enrich their lives by hoping to convince them that by using their riches to help others they will further enrich themselves.


  8. And now I see why you commented on my post. Great stuff. Thanks for poking your head up and letting me find you here. I might pass you in the street one day.


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