Delights of fallen women!

My friend has just turned 50. She bounced through the front door of my house, sparkling with happiness. Undiluted, open happiness. She carried the big box of Lindt chocolate and bottle of our favourite Riesling with her. To last us through our preparations for the birthday bash she has arranged.  For few close friend in the local winery.

‘We gonna have great fun!’ She declared triumphantly,

Hmmm … my thoughts stirred from their never too deep slumber,

‘You are sparkling like a Christmas lights’, I observed the obvious,

‘Oh I am so happy’!

‘About the party?’

‘That too, but about hitting 50 actually’!


‘Of course, it is wonderful this is!’ (giggling)


‘Why?’ (rolling her eyes). ‘Because it is finally over, all of it!’

‘Over … What is over?’

‘Oh the pressures, the agonies, the insecurities … all of that.’

‘How much of that wine have you had?’

More giggling … ‘Not much actually, but am going to!’

‘Don’t you know’ she started …

‘Nope, I do not …’

‘Ok’, she said, suddenly serious … ‘as you are not far off it yourself, I am gonna tell you!’

‘Come on then’ I said,

‘It is glorious this old age is.

You are no longer under the spotlight, on display, observed, compared, pitted against, and talked about.

There is no one you are desperate to impress!

You can say whatever comes to mind and wear whatever comes to hand; all of it will be simply dismissed as the old age eccentrics.

Your partnered girlfriends will be inviting you to their parties; you no longer pose any threat even when seated next to their men. Besides they hope to look younger with you around.

Your starvation days are also finally over; instead indulge in watching tortured looks in young chicks’ eyes while enjoying full servings of your favourite dishes. After all those years, you have earned the right to savour the glorious food in public and not feel guilty about it!

And once you liberate your feet from the agonies of sky-high stilettos, it will be like walking on the air!’

‘Sounds like bliss to me …’ I said.

‘Exactly!’ she exclaimed. And you know the best part of it … You can no longer be a fallen woman?’ (more school girl like giggling).

‘A fallen woman?’ What’s the ‘fallen woman?’

‘You know … ‘

‘Not really …’

‘Oh my … (impatient), you know that has sort of fallen …’

‘Like falling down’ (me while applying mascara),

‘Oh God your English is appalling’ (laughs) … ‘No, not that kind of falling down … more sort of morally … like a loose woman.’

‘Called a loose woman … by whom?’ I asked,

‘A society, silly … people around you, your community’, she explained.

‘I see,’ I said, (only I really did not see it at all), ‘think I have always been like that.’

‘You … a loose woman?’ (laughs loudly)

‘No, just free …’

‘Oh God you are just hopeless’, she pronounces while ushering me into her car … to celebrate freedoms I never knew needed permissions!









Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

38 thoughts on “Delights of fallen women!”

  1. I do hope this lovely lady, turning 50, enjoys her blissful state of euphoria….and delusion…..while it lasts (not long). Perhaps that was true of 50 year olds a century ago. Not so in today’s modern world! She is going to have to wait another thirty years before ANY of her dreams become a reality…and, even then…not so sure. Well, if she becomes slightly senile by niney, perhaps. I find it just takes longer to prepare to make one’s self human. People are more critical. God willing, she is in a wonderful relationship…otherwise….uh oh….pop goes the bubble. And, ditto for employment…unless, of course, she is financially set for life….otherwise, things get harder, not easier. However, I think that is the way it should be…As long as one is healthy of body and mind, we don’t get to sit it out. We need to contribute to society. I Hope You Dance! 🙂 But, at least, she has a nice fairy tale birthday…..


  2. Oh thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I must ensure to show it to my friend … but then again, as you suggested, perhaps I should not interfere with her blissful state of ignorance! We did have a wonderful time though! Personally I have always been of the view that one just live one’s live in the best way one knows how irrespective of age, social conventions and alike.
    Kind Regards,


  3. i am 46 and scared of reaching the big 50 tell your friend thank you for helping me see it as a liberation and thank you for sharing this 🙂 i am still a bit daunted but i now have a positive way of looking at it, i think your friend sounds lovely and has a fabulous frame of mind and i love your support of her frame of mind, you are a good friend to her and i would count myself lucky to have such lovely friends i hope you both have a fab time out enjoying her celebrations and i hope you have a lovely sunday 🙂 xx


    1. Hi there… Everything is relative. You are now 46. I bet when you look back a few years, 40 sure looks good….NOW. But, I bet, it didn’t look that good when you left your 30s. In ten years, you’ll be 56 and, then, 50 will be looking darn good…and, so it goes….As the world turns. The good news is 50 is now the new 35! Way too young to claim liberation….way, too 🙂


    2. Thank you very much for reading and commenting my dear! I am glad you did, and please do not worry about anything … life is precious indeed and every moment counts; whether we 30, 40 or 80 for that matter!
      Take Care,


  4. Beware of fallen women.??? I think not!! Your friend has a wonderful attitude. I will say only that women get much better with age. One of the most admirable qualities of any person is the ability to communicate….not so much words, anyone can talk, but ideas. Being able to speak plainly and support a position with a reasoned response takes experience. The willingness to accept a challenge and take a position—-and have fun doing it—-yes indeed!! Experience wins every time!!
    Be well,


    1. Hi Howard,
      I see you are not at all ‘afraid’ of fallen women! Good on you I’d say! And I agree … as people, men or women we do get better with age as we acquire experiences.
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting,


  5. Loved this peek into your conversation.. It says so much about life, freedom, acceptance and just getting out there to embrace all we deserve..
    Happy Birthday to your friend!!!


  6. Happy birthday to your friend! I wouldn’t mind being 50 again. It seems lost in the mists of time. I think the best thing as you get older is that you can be as eccentric as you like and come out with all sorts of strange and funny things and people will just blame it on your age. My daughter-in-law recently told me I was “real” which I took as a compliment. I love the quote: “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth” – William W. Purkey


    1. If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be? (One of my favorite lines.)
      “I HOPE YOU DANCE” I’d like to think that time and age are like cousins–they’re relative. Who said you have to go by actual miles? If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be?

      I Hope you Dance continued….I’ll even argue that you can bottle youth. What you store it in is all up to you. (I suggest your heart.) If yu can figure out a way to keep the energy and gumption and fire alive, you’ll always stay young. And where there’s youth, there’s hope…where there’s hope, there’s wonder…where there’s wonder, there’s faith, there’s chance…where there’s chance, there’s love…where there’s love, there’s music…and dancing….I HOPE YOU DANCE…. Lee Ann Womack



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