Travelling generosities

I recently wrote about many trials and tribulations faced by all of us who toil with words. In a way of help, and to share our joint ‘burden’ I offered the only thing I know; few books on craft of writing I found helpful and inspiring over the years. Some people told me that they found the post very useful … to me that mean a lot!

Couple of days ago I received an email from Callie Oettinger of Oettinger & Associates Inc, blog: In the email Callie thanked me for including Steven Pressfield’s book in my list and explained that, as she works with Steven and has spare books not only of ‘The War of Art’ bus also of the follow up; ‘Turning Pro’, she will send them to me FOR FREE to give them to my friends and colleagues! I was very surprised, (read: flabbergasted -:)), not only that she read my blog, but that she is willing to ship the books to me all the way to New Zealand for free! I thanked Callie, but also politely enquired whether she really wants to send the books all the way to New Zealand? Well, she said ‘yes’, just to email her my postal address! And so I did.

Since I kindled my little Lantern for the first time in May, I have been touched, surprised and moved on many occasions and this is certainly one of them. After all, Steven Pressfield is a hugely successful and influential author and his books, including those on writing, are superb! I am truly grateful and honoured for the opportunity to share them.

Throughout the life I have learned that there are some ‘things’ that multiply by division; such as love, kindness, knowledge and generosity … more you divide amongst, more it become. With that in mind, this is what I have decided to do;

  • While I do not know how many books I am to receive, once I do receive them I will give them all away for free!
  • If you would like a copy, please write to me (if you prefer you can use email address listed in ‘contacts’). Let me know your name, postal address, what books you would like, and I will send them to you completely free. Wherever in the world you are!
  • Once you receive the books, I would like you to send me something back … a postcard from your place in the world; a city, a village, a town, a lakeside … wherever you are. In that way kindness and generosity will travel around the world and back. And I will have a unique and humbling opportunity to travel with it. Having said that; you only send a postcard back IF you FEEL LIKE IT! No obligation whatsoever.

Until the next time …



Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

25 thoughts on “Travelling generosities”

    1. Thank you very much Chris! Just email me your address if you would like books. No need for any award … all it matters is that little bit of help and encouragement along the path we all travel.
      Kind Regards,


      1. Thanks
        But no need to ship those things all over the globe…I’m sure there are writers local to you that would appreciate them.


      2. No worries Chris,
        Sure they are writers around who I am planning to pass the books on. I just thought that, since the books found me via my blog, it is only fair to offer them to some other bloggers who may like to have them.
        Kind Regards,


  1. We MUST continue to spread literacy & arts whenever possible..Like my Poetry publications.. will always be free..
    Toast to you !!!


  2. How awesome! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Although I’d love a book… I will gladly send you a postcard! I love collecting postcards from around the world. I have a small collection but to me they are all worth it.


    1. Thank you Liza -:)! Please use the email listed in contacts to let me know your postal address and I will send you a books; I am happy to!

      Have a wonderful day,
      P.S, It is pouring with rain in Wellington at the moment!


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