Street performer


License CreativeCommons

On Saturdays street artists are out,

downtown on Cuba Street,

marking their patches of concrete,

between market stalls,

amongst passers-by,

bending around corners,

not on the way, just in the view,

singing for nickels,

dancing for laughs.


And there he was,

all young and bouncy inside his sneakers,

pants low on hips with blue hearts sewn on knees,

his mum did it for him he tells me.


Just setting his circle right now,

but show will start soon,

and he is really good, he says,

excellent in fact,

real juggling acts, like in circuses,

and fire eating, real fire mind you,

made with kerosene, a real poison.


Really, if I will stay he will show me,

usually lots of people come and watch,

he has a regular crowed now,

and does acrobatics, dangerous staff and for real,

no tricks, like some others do,

no, not him,

he is for real.


Just stay for a while, he will start soon,

mind if I have a spare smoke and a lighter,

it will be real good,

he does this for living,

his folks are still in shock,

but he does what he loves, and that’s all that matters to him,

to make people laugh.


Just stay till the end of the show,

it is going to be awesome,

at the end he will pass the hat around,

you know how it is,

has to pay rent, buy beer,

loving what you do does not,

pay bills,

you understand.


Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

22 thoughts on “Street performer”

  1. The life of a struggling artist is a fascinating one.. I’ve always respected those that live for their art..
    much enjoyed this write!


  2. To do what we love, there must be a brave heart. And than, there we would find an art in it native form, because we could scrape off all of this redudant shells that we have been collecting for a long long time. Good social lyric.


    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I agree with the sentiment expressed … the shells are often redundant and when abandoned there is a space for a true art. Daniela



    1. Thank you very much! And yes it does … more we are urged to do it, the more we need to be ourselves, the harder it gets … until such time that it becomes seamless part of our daily life. Kind Regards, Daniela



    1. Hi,
      Thank you so very MUCH for this comment. I am immensely happy it has produced this effect because that was exactly the idea – to bring him alive on the page!
      Many thanks,


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