Is blogging addictive?

Is there such a thing as addiction to blogging? I am starting to think that there might be. If so what are the signs?

There are probably serious people who already have, or are going to as we speak, conduct a serious research into the matter, but from a newbie blogger’s perspective, it seems to me that the presence of the following signs might suggest that one has become seriously addicted to one’s blog -:)!

When unable to access one’s blog for a couple of days one is unable to sleep from worrying that:

  • Any comments and likes that might eventuate have not been attended to,
  • There has been some unidentified global IT disaster and all the posts have vanished,
  • Fellow bloggers have posted most amazing content and one has missed it,
  • All the original ideas that present themselves between 2 and 3 am will disappear before one can access one’s blog,
  • Lack of posting will render one’s blog totally obsolete and forsaken,
  • One will not remember blog’s log in details,
  • Being out of practice will have detrimental effect of one’s ability to continue blogging.

When socializing with friends and family one is:

  • Concentrating only on those conversations where topic might be useful for a blog post,
  • Scanning with interest any peculiar, and previously ignored, habits of friends, family, and their pets,
  • Fishing for any comments on the content of one’s blog,
  • Escaping into any room with an internet access,
  • Bribing younger family members to gain access to their internet enabled gadgets,
  • Neglecting to complement scrumptiously prepared food. 

When finally re-united with the blog one is:

  • Unable to resist checking stats page,
  • Unable to resist changing blog’s theme, and layout,
  • Unable to resist checking all the posts that have appeared in reader,
  • Unable to sleep (see above). 

At this point it is customary to say that if some or most of those symptoms listed are present, addiction is confirmed and an appropriate remedy offered … but all I can think about is what will this post look like once I publish it -:)!












Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

345 thoughts on “Is blogging addictive?”

  1. yikes, that split second before hitting ‘Publish’ gets me every time! I am so new to this, trying to learn the ropes as I go. I have set a goal of 1000 views by August 16th in conjunction with an exciting event in my life! Nicev to meet you Daniela.



    1. Hi Kathy, Nice to meet you too! I am rather new to it all as well, learning as I go … as the saying goes ‘practise makes perfect’! Keep it up, Kind Regards, Daniela



    1. Welcome on Board! Not to worry; you are in a good company … most of us needed help after couple of weeks! Thank you very much for reading and commenting, Daniela


  2. Lmao! This is awesome!!! And so so so true! I started blogging a month ago yesterday and the bug hit me almost immediately. I had my first like, and then my first follower within a few days and was flabbergasted! Really! I had no idea anyone even knew I was out here…my intent for starting my blog was very personal and I thought, not all that interesting to anyone else but me. Then three days ago I got Freshly Pressed and I gotta tell ya, if i wasn’t hooked then, I sure as hell am now! Lol. My blog is still uber personal and the writings are simply for me, but the validation is beautiful…because well, we write because we are writers and writers want to be read and we live for our words to be enjoyed. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! All the best to you Daniela. Hugz.


    1. Hi there -:)!
      I so LOVE your comment! It made my day -:)! I know how it feels exactly … I started blogging just over two months ago and it was just like you described it. When I got FP for this post I was ecstatic! I know … we do love it; can’t help it really!

      Many thanks for your visit and comment,


      1. glad to spread a smile! 😉 thank you for following my little story lol, I am indeed following yours! from one writer to another, absorb absorb absorb…then spill! see you soon 🙂


  3. I have blogitis, blogophobia, blogging cough, and I just saw a dinosaur blogasaurus walk down the road. Is the condition treatable or am I doomed to blog ? 😉


  4. Well, it certainly entails a lot of work we never thought of until we started. But I often have to delete posts on days I’m very busy… I usually go back and pick up some posts later if I have time… that’s why the list of recent posts is so vital to busy bloggers. But it has turned my life upside down and I do expect there will come a time when I’ll have to call it a day and get back to a lot of things I have been letting slide.

    But I am very grateful for all the wonderful people and their amazing posts I’ve come across during this blogging venture of mine. I do expect I will be back visiting you all even when I no longer will be able to blog myself. You are all so fascinating.


    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. It has certainly turned my life in the direction I never expected … and like all such occurrences brought many pleasures in the process. If you will not mind me saying; if you are thinking of giving up – reconsider!


      1. Hi Daniela, My blog is a documentation of the wonderful haijin I’ve enjoyed collaborating with over the years… I will shortly be at the end of what I have done. We have had a couple of years of very wet weather here which has made it almost impossible fo me to draw much… and I will either have to take a sabatical until I can draw again, or I will have to continue on with the haiga I have done of my own haiku… which to me isn’t quite as much fun as having the dialogue with such creative people. But I’m not at that point yet… so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But I do suggest, that if anyone finds their day a bit crazy from blogging… just delete the posts for that day and go back later in the week to comment on what you missed. As long as you are following them, the posts will keep coming and you’ll be able to create a bit of sanity to the routine. Many thanks for your kind words.


  5. I too am a novice blogger. My daughter helped me set this up way back in May, but it wasn’t till a month ago or so that I thought I’d load some of my writing. And yes, it is addictive. More so than peanuts, but I tell myself, when I’ve been at it all morning that at least it’s creative. Not one of these inane timewasting games friends try to thrust onto you on Facebook!
    Thank you for a very interesting blog, Daniela


  6. hahaha Yes, I have every symptom listed. My husband just shakes his head. “Yes, I’m still blogging, dear.” Great article. Congratulations on being fresh pressed. I came to you by way of Sharechair by the way. 🙂


  7. Interesting thoughts about blogging addiction.There is some kind of thrill to create some thing and anticipate the reaction or the responds .l am glad you liked my post (…..Awards…) thank you for your support.Have a wonderful weekend.jalal


    1. You are most welcome Jalal, and I enjoyed reading about awards your blog received!

      Yes, we all enjoy leaving a mark on this cyber-highway via our blogs!

      Many, many thanks for all your support -:)!



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