‘Shades’ everywhere (including planes)

Hardly a day goes by that trilogy ‘Shades’ are not at least mentioned if not discussed in details on some form of popular media; blogs, TV, website, shows … well if books were not already mega-popular they will be now. Banning them from libraries simply adds to the already huge hype.

I just read that British airline Virgin Atlantic is going to offer audiobook of the so-called ‘Mummies’ porn’ aka ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ on their planes. The company explained that they want to provide their female passengers with the opportunity to enjoy the book in private and without prying eyes!

And attract few more female passengers in the process. That of course is an airline business; to increase number of passengers by all means permissible and possible, including free access to popular entertainment. Especially free entertainment. Which makes me wonder about few things … like if so-called ‘mummies’ porn’ is offered as an audiobook, will ‘daddies porn’ follow? So there might be two people, (insert; passengers), sitting next to each other, ‘plugged in’ their respective ‘porn’ with eyes glazed and mouth slightly open?

Spurred by curiosity from endless talk about it, I read the first book of the trilogy few weeks ago and wrote about it. It left me occasionally entertained, frequently board, but constantly reminded how well the book has been packaged. It hit the target and delivered splendidly. One has to admire that irrespective of anything else.

There is no longer any doubt that easy to read prose spiced up with ‘naughty pleasure’ is what reaches hearts, (and wallets) of millions of people. And almost all of them females. While males, according to the popular media, are complaining about it all bitterly.  On the grounds of some vague concept that sounds like ‘it is not fair’… after all it was us (males) who had unrestricted pleasure of indulging in porn since it was invented and now this? Instead of us (males) fantasising about turning our real-life partners into porn-stars, our partners are now fantasising about turning us into this guy Christian Grey, and guess what? We are coming short on all counts! So we do not like it. Just like girls did not like being compared to unrealistically portrayed porn-stars.

Book itself never set to spur such comparisons or contemplations. But the phenomenon that it created does prompt questions.

Questions such as; why millions of women love it so much? Is it because Christian Grey is that super-rich, super-handsome, super-sexy, etc. etc. all-in-one male superman? With just enough internal ‘demons’ added to his psyche to make him sufficiently vulnerable for an innocent and loving female heart to heal.

Sheer logic suggests that millions of women that read ‘Shades’ must be the same women that habitually expect from their real-life partners to do all the things modern men ought to do or be; take parental leave (if one is available) when kids are born, wax, have facials, successful careers, unreservedly support  partners’ career, be understanding, helpful at all times … anything else? Oh yes of course, once they have finished with it all; it is time to turn into masterful lovers. Phew!

It seems that the only thing they can do is to turn around and fell asleep pretending not to notice copy of ‘Shades’ their partners are reading. The same partner who is also too exhausted to make any move. Because she has been running all day every day chasing after a fantasy of an all-in-one super woman; slim, trendy, with successful career, picture-book household, well-educated and behaved kids, and socially savvy … oh sorry yes, and a brilliant lover with an insatiable sexual appetite. Phew!

How has it come to that? Have we, modern men and women, really created a world in which fulfilment of our most basic needs depends on ready-made products fed to us via audiobooks, internet, etc.? Huge monetary success of all things porn, and/or erotic seems to suggest so. More explicit material is normally created for males, while softer versions, and super-soft versions known as erotic prose, targets female populous. There is nothing essentially wrong with that. After all porn or erotic materials in some form or the other have been available for centuries. Humans love to ‘peek’.

But what appears to be different this time is that such material does not mean to be adding to our love lives, but replacing them because we no longer have either time, energy, and/or resources required for real-life love lives.

We cannot ‘waste’ time on a slow, old-fashion romance that did not only serve as a ‘puritan tool of oppression’, but more so as a delicious tantalizer, so we invented ‘speed dating’, countless websites, txt and cybersex and alike.

But after, or despite all of it, millions of women and probably some men love a book where main character is a strong male, with a young, virgin girl in a supporting role. And they inevitably fell in love … all consuming, glorious, magical love! That overcomes all and heals all. Just like theirs, (and ours), grandparents did.

What do you think? Will the future humans visit some super-sophisticated cyber-spaces to indulge in cleverly designed, and probably interactive, sexual activities, or shall we simply start turning towards each other’s with all our imperfections?  












Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

19 thoughts on “‘Shades’ everywhere (including planes)”

  1. “What do you think? Will the future humans visit some super-sophisticated cyber-spaces to indulge in cleverly designed, and probably interactive, sexual activities”

    Well, uh, I hope not 🙂


  2. This badly written soft porn book about the virgin with the pure heart yet willing to try almost anything even when she says no to begin – perpetuates stereotypes about women. I loathed it – do we even know what colour the heroines eyes were or did I just miss that bit through boredom.


    1. Hi,

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! I think we both missed the colour of the heroines eyes … because none was described!


  3. Hi Daniela, I can’t comment on this book because I haven’t read it and I don’t think I will read it. Therefore I have no opinion. Unless I can borrow this off a friend because lot’s of them are reading it, as I refuse to give any money. I am politely abstaining from this phenomena. :o) Great post by the way!


  4. I am honored to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Please pick-up your award at http://sharechair.wordpress.com/. Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I am very aware that some people do not wish to participate in Awards, and I completely respect that… no strings! But in any case, Congratulations, you have a Lovely Blog 🙂


    1. Oh my dear … I am so GRATEFUL! I just can’t quite believe it. Next weekend my little Lantern will be just two months old … Thank you so very much! HVALA PUNO!



  5. Hmmm…I haven’t read the book in question, so probably won’t be able to make a very intelligent comment on it. 🙂 I do know that unrealistic expectations can cut both ways. I hate what the porn industry has done to the men of our world – and the women who are objectified by it! It would be ironic indeed to have men squealing if the shoe is on the other foot… An interesting post, Daniela. Hvala!


  6. I keep trying to read “50 Shades” in full and haven’t made it thru the first chapter. I keep falling asleep. It’s better than Ambien. I did find the naughty bits and frankly, I think there was better women’s soft porn written in the ’70s and ’80s. Judy Blume’s “Wifey”, anything by Jackie Collins (I would hardly call that literature but at least there was a story arc to follow). I know this isn’t a popular opinion of “50 Shades”, but I find the premise so stupid that it takes away from any enjoyment of the “good” parts.


    1. Hi,   Thank you very much for stopping by and writing a comment. I agree with your observations on premise for ‘Shades’. The fact that it has become so hugely popular is probably the sign of time.   Daniela


  7. ‘Mummies porn?’ That’s the first time I’ve come across that term. Someone I know who also writes is quite upset I think that this book is all the rage. In fact the ebook is being circulated at my best friend’s workplace. From what I’ve gathered from these two, the language is repetitive, storyline draggy, too sexual… Being someone who isn’t very comfortable with intimacy, I just sat there staring at the cover, contemplating if I should scroll down and eventually I just clicked the X on the window. One of them is betting I won’t be able to go any further than page 20.


    1. Yes, the language is a bit repetitive and the whole thing is not much in regards to quality of prose … still there must be something in it since so many people like it. I think it is that whole idea of something a little bit naughty!   Thank you for commenting,   Daniela  



  8. I have not yet had the “pleasure” of reading this book yet, and I’m sure I probably will at some point. If for no other reason than understanding our society a little better. From what I’ve heard, it’s the Edward Cullen thing all over again, but now it’s being written for adults. I do find it interesting that most people seem to be so dissatisfied with what they have, that they have to replace a bit of their reality with fantasy. And in that, we create our own misery. It’s not having enough, not being enough; that inevitably make you feel like less, and then you need to replace even more. It’s human nature to progress, to be better with each passing day. I just think everyone is confused on what better actually is. It’s not perfection or ideals, it’s the moments in life that make you really feel alive. No matter how well it is packaged: a book, a video, a picture cannot replace that. We need to try for the real thing in all it’s imperfection.

    Sorry, my comment was so long. This post just made me have so many thoughts, and I needed to get them out 🙂


    1. Never too long! I consider it a privilege to interact with fellow bloggers! I know what you mean … it really is sing of our times as we are bombarded daily with all sorts of commercially generated images, ideas and ‘must do’ and ‘must have’ type of hype. The truth is that it is all created with the one aim only – to generate profit! In reality what matters is humanity and ability to be true to oneself first and then to those close to self. Many thanks for reading and commenting, Daniela



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