‘Blogging with Numbers’

Last time I wrote about feeling overwhelmed and suffering from ‘information overload syndrome’ as a newbie blogger, see here. To my delight some people wrote to me to say that this is EXACTLY how they felt when they started blogging. I am so grateful for their sharing.

So, I applied myself to discovering those that teach/preach and generally offer knowledge on how to blog. And sure I found some real gems and great ideas. For that I am grateful. I also found lots of ‘in your face’ marketing. But that is just reflection of times in which we live. However, I soon realize that certain commonalities can be easily identified. So called ‘universal truths’ about blogging that are repeated endlessly on various sites, only slightly repackaged.

The first one of those ‘universal truths’ I identified was a requirement to ‘build a tribe’. Even the term ‘tribe’ has biblical connotations. It is almost universally preached that it is necessary to blog with one aim foremost in mind; to attract large audience, or to ‘build a tribe’. In other words; to establish large fellowship. Interestingly enough I did not find one resource that qualifies ‘large’ with the actual number. Clearly the idea is to leave each blogger to define what ‘large’ means for them.

So how large do you wish your ‘tribe’ to be?

While it is of course wonderful and heart-warming to know that some people read your postings, how many people will do that is not known. Neither to you nor any of the blogging gurus, regardless of how many of their strategies you subscribe to. Because, just like with any other creative endeavour; after all the ‘wisdom’ has been absorbed, you are left with your words, your verses, your notes, your paint brushes, your clay. And the way you see your world is the only image you will ever be able to leave imprinted with or on those materials. In doing so you will create something (a poem, a novel, a painting, a ceramic vase, a song) that has not existed before. You will add something new to the world.

If that act of creation touches you, moves you to be better self, to feel more togetherness with humankind, you have done a great job. If it touches few other souls; you have done a tremendous job.

So what is with ‘large’ numbers? How ‘large’ is large? Few hundreds, few thousands?  I read about ‘tribes’ of almost quarter of million followers! How do you interact meaningfully with quarter of million people? Is it by responding, at best, to their comments and/or observations with a single word, (usually; thanks)? Hiring staff to do that for you?  I started to think about it all as ‘blogging with numbers’.

It takes some courage, (and time), to write a comment. I mean meaningful comment after you have actually read the post rather than skimmed through it. Every time I found a comment, I feel deeply grateful to the person who left it. I feel more part of the human family. And I want to know each and every person who leaves a comment about anything I wrote. I want to have time to visit their blog, read their ‘about’ page, some of their posts. And I want to have time to thank them for visiting my little space in a meaningful way.  Not with a one word. Basically I want to establish and if possible maintain a meaningful human connection. This is all that matters. Because the only ‘universal truth’ is that we blog so we can interact with each other’s.  Everything else is just marketing and cyber dust.

In my next post I will write about some other aspects of the main stream preaching on blogging. As I keep on mentioning; I am a total newbie and those are simply my observations about things I noticed so far.  And they are totally open to any views, critiques and suggestions you may have – : )

Until the next time …


Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

12 thoughts on “THROUGH THE EYES OF A NEWBIE BLOGGER (second)”

  1. I am delighted to be a member of your tribe! It does feel good to establish connections. My personal issue with that is a true conundrum ….. the very people that I would like to reach, are not likely to be on the internet looking at blogs for help. In spite of that, being help to just one is tremendously satisfying. Add to that delight my tribal membership with you, and I’m a happy newbie blogger. : )


    1. Dear Kathy,
      Thank you so MUCH -:)! You made my day by saying what you said. Because it is true – if each of us reaches to just one other, just brings one smile, easies one pain … we will all be closer, and eventually our world would become less scary place.
      I am honoured to know you,

      Your fellow human -:)!


  2. Great question here, Daniela. How large should your tribe be?

    The original popularizer of the tribe concept was Seth Godin, who wrote a book called Tribes and created a social networking site called Triiibes. The way the internet works, most people are just using his ideas to accomplish their own aims. C’est la vie. If he were answering this question, he’d probably say things like, Small is the New Big. You don’t need a huge audience. What you need is a few people who rabidly care about what you say and want to share it with others. He was influenced in this idea by Kevin Kelley, founder of Wired magazine, and his idea of 1000 true fans. Check it out:

    How big of an audience do you need? It depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to make a lot of money, you probably need a huge audience. If you want to change the world, you just need a few people who will follow you wherever you go.


    1. Dear Joe,
      I am touched and honoured that you visited my blog and commented on my post! Information you brought is very useful indeed. I checked the link and it helps me to understand the whole ‘tribe’ concept and its origins.

      And I agree with the school of thought that asks for the objective of one’s blog. I am only a bit doubtful of those who start with the idea of making a lot of money. I could be old fashioned – but such as my nature.

      Changing the world is a big idea … but I will admit to feverishly wanting it when I was much younger. Now, all I truly wish for is to make a change, however small, through my writings. On my blog and through other mediums. It is all I can offer. It is all I know how to do … with all my faults.

      Thank you,


  3. Sooo, Bloggers are just like everyoneelse, longing to be accepted, not alone, and needing to be part of a greater group (tribe) that provides support and recognition….


  4. Yes, whenever people tell me about increasing your audience, improving the SEO of your blog or website, getting lots of new followers on Twitter, I always shiver a little on the inside. I would rather have a deeper interaction with a few followers-turned-friends whom I admire and respect, than a shallow ‘hail-fellow-well-skimmed’ relationship with hundreds and thousands. But what do I know? I’m the kind of person who re-reads favourite books instead of always moving on to the next bestseller.


    1. Thank you so much MarinaSofia -:)! And guess what – I also re-read favourite books! I am so glad to have met you.

      Kind Regards,


  5. this a brilliant post, made me think, i had no real aim when i started blogging, but then that’s a problem i have -being aimless- to be honest i don’t want a tribe or a following i think its scary i do however think of anyone who reads and comments as a friend and i like the idea of having lots of friends 🙂 have a super day x


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