Sailor’s song

Bitterly cold wind is sweeping across my little city today. I am writing next post for my ‘Through the eyes of a newbie blogger’ series and reading Carey’s book: ‘The Chemistry of Tears’, devouring every sentence. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I will write more about it once I finished reading it.

While warming my hands around cup of tea, I discovered yet another long forgotten poem in one of the old notebooks that have somehow survived all my travels and all my exiles. The notebook page feels dry and fragile to touch. Ink has faded. According to the date neatly written in the page’s right corner, I wrote it in July 1985. I cannot remember almost anything from those years. Like somebody erased them from the book of memories. But I will give the little poem another life; here under the glow of my cyber lantern.

Croatian original follows the English translation.

Sailor’s song

White ships,

Planting olive trees across,

The seas.

Sleepy clouds,

Writing hymns for them, and

Mermaids pointing

The routes.

Salty moon dived on silver sails,

While desolate sailor sang to the sea


Distant land,

Red earth, and

Black kerchief left on white stone.

Below is the original version as written in Zagreb in July 1985

Mornareva pjesma

Brodovi bijeli,


Masline sade,

Oblaci im sneni

Himne pisu,

Sirene pokazuju


Slani je mjesec na srebrena

Jedra pao, a sjetni je mornar

Moru, tiho zapjevao:

O kraju dalekom,

O zemlji crevenoj,

O crnoj marami na



Author: Daniela

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