Do you feel overwhelmed?

Few days ago I learned that some 133,000,000 blogs have been created in cyber space and more arriving every day. WOW! If I knew that couple of months ago I would have never ventured into the cyber space. Instead I would have run away scared, and convinced that there is nothing I can meaningfully contribute to this wastes. But I was blissfully unaware of that and most other facts about blogging.

I am now grateful for that ignorance. Because once I entered the weird and wonderful world of blogosphere, there was no turning back. All things written and blogged soon become my dailyness (I know this is a made up word but I like it -:).  Glow from my little lantern in the endlessness of cyber space is what I think of first thing in the morning, and where I return to each evening. It is always there, waiting for me. Sometimes its little heart sparks with stars or other symbols, signaling passing of another ‘cyber nomad’ under it. Sometimes I found kind words and best wishes under the lantern. And it makes me feel all warm and grateful inside.

In my cyber wonderings, I stumbled upon many blogs and admired creativity and ingenuity of numerous. I could almost envy some, but it would not be true envy, more a wish that, one day, I can create something as eloquent, or as soulful. On some other occasions I could not help but feel sorry for poor neglected blogs, clearly once started with love but since forgotten.

All that made me want to discover more about blogging, so I started looking for those that offer advice and/or coaching on all things blogged and written. Little did I know what awaits me! In a word – endless supply of advice, suggestion, ideas, strategies … some even contradicting each other. If you are newbie, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, snowed under, or even worse; inadequate and superfluous. After all whose advice are you going to follow? While I touched on this subject in one of my earlier posts, (‘To clarify few things’), I have since discovered even more resources. Some of them promoted with ‘in your face’ marketing strategies.

So what to do?  In your heart you know that your started your blog because you love words and love writing, but suddenly you no longer feel that to simply write is enough, or even permitted until you attend at least dozen cyber classes or read through small forest of articles about blogging. Certain nagging starts at the back of your head every time you look into your blog – is it any good? This is the same as asking – does it comply with the main stream teachings?

Let us look for a moment what this main stream preaching actually teaches through the eyes of a total newbie (me -:). And maybe some other newbie that may stumble up it.

Will do that next time …


Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

13 thoughts on “THROUGH THE EYES OF A NEWBIE BLOGGER (first)”

  1. Daniela – great to meet you! Thank you for leaving your comment and the *Like* on my blog. I’m intrigued that you are from Wellington – I was there for a month recently and found it has grown into such a great city – I was born in Dunedin. Live in Oz these days.

    Re blogging help and info, I highly recommend a woman called *timethief*, who is one of the amazing team of volunteers at the WordPress forums. (I use the forums a lot – they are awesome.) Her website is – this link will take you to a list of helpful articles – without all the usual hype and spin.

    Say hello to Cuba Street for me …

    ~ miriam louisa

    btw I love your writing and blog!


    1. You are most welcome Miriam Louise, I do love your blog. I will certainly say hello to Cuba Street for you – it is my favourite place too -:)! I am originally from Croatia, but have been living in NZ (both South and North island) for the last 18 years. And thank you so much for the web site – I have checked it and it really is very helpful without (thankfully) all the usual hype.



  2. You describe EXACTLY my own thoughts about the whole blogging experience. I entered the blogosphere without really knowing anything about it, and the more I learn, the more I realize that it was a good thing I didn’t know it *before* or I never would have jumped in 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, what you said makes it all worth-while, it brings the whole blogging experience back to what really meant to be – a road to make meaningful human connections! To share what it means to be human in our times.

      Thank you,


  3. Sooo, Bloggers are just like everyoneelse, longing to be accepted, not alone, and needing to be part of a greater group (tribe) that provides support and recognition….


    1. This is so true -:)! Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog. Hope to see you soon in blogging community as a … well fellow blogger -:)!


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