Day Diet Died!

Yes, that is right … today is the day that diet died!

It did not depart fertile soil of my life either easily or graciously … oh no, it was far too comfortable inhabiting that landscape. After all it has been growing steadily more powerful ever since my teens … it almost got better of me and enslaved me for life, securing unrestricted power over my thoughts and my purse!

And so it struggled desperately; kicking and screaming, adamant to drag me (AGAIN), through ever expending jungle of websites promising to turn one into Victoria’s Secret model in a matter of weeks, or in cases of those claiming to be more sensible; months! The only thing needed is your joining fee, or order for their products, or both … in return for which you will be ‘carefully guided’ through their plan, developed on the basis of, or in conjunction with ‘the latest scientific research’. Depending on whose website you found yourself, ‘the latest scientific research’ is almost inevitably in contradiction with the one you read earlier … eat carbs, eat no carbs, eat fat, eat only ‘good’ fat, eat no fat, eat plenty of protein, eat little bit of protein, eat only protein, eat readymade meals/shakes/bars/cereals … eat only cabbage soup, eat only diet cookies … at the end all you really want to EAT are your broken dreams and depleted credit card!

Not to be left behind, fitness industry and bottled water manufactures are on hand to assist … all you need to do is purchase their latest fitness equipment, and/or join their gym/sauna/spa/studio and in no time at all your abs will match those on the poster displayed before your eyes. To assist those efforts you will also need to order industrial quantities of bottled water since drinking around the clock is critical to your weight loss and your new life; two things firmly interlinked in your mind!

How do I know all this? Because of the usual reason – I tried it all! I honestly doubted that you can present me with a ‘diet/approach/lifestyle …’ I have not tried, or at least red about it! All in search of that ever elusive ‘new and better me’ living this ‘new and liberated life’ … and the verdict at the end of it all?

It is the simplest truth; the one we all know sleeps deep in our hearts; what we are truly looking for is not in the fridge, or pantry, or shopping mall, or in a new diet, or new fitness regime … what we are looking for, desperately searching for, and in the process failing victims to corporate giants, is a basic human need for acceptance … acceptance for whoever we are, TODAY … in our bodies as they are NOW, NOT after yet another diet … why? Because to achieve what we want TOMMOROW we need to accept (not escape) TODAY!

Only by loving and cherishing yourself today, you will be able to shape yourself into what you want to be tomorrow. After all how can you nurture yourself through, what might be a long journey, to a normal weight and good health, if you dislike and beat yourself up every day by subjecting your body to excruciating routine of starting ever new (and usually crazier) diet, followed by self-loathing when it fail? And fail it will … either after three months, or six months, or two years … but you WILL find yourself heavier than before you started! It is interesting to note that most weight loss and diet industry is either based or originates from USA – a country where almost 35% of total population is classified as obese!

As you can see; the battle was vicious and merciless … how did I win? Well, after much struggle I delivered the fatal blow to the nasty beast called ‘diet’ by hitting it repeatedly over the head with the book titled; ‘Size Does Matter’ written by a sensible New Zealand women MaryRose Spence and first published in 2011. I found the book in my local bookstore while looking for something different … OK I admit; the title did intrigue me! But once I realize that the book is actually about food … I almost abandoned it … luckily not before I read the very first sentence in the book; ‘There has never been a diet that has ‘worked’ and there never will be’! WOW … my heart actually smiled! I knew it … I always suspected it! I located nearby chair and read almost half of the book there and then! Sales assistants where too young and obviously too well-mannered to ask me if I have any intentions of buying the book, which I did before the shop closed!

So I went home and read the rest of it … it quite literary changed my approach to food almost instantly. It is written in a matter of fact style and offers sensible, yet simple, practical and inexpensive advice on ‘how to eat, drink and lose weight … forever’ (quote). It provides numerous good quality photographs showing you what a portion actually looks like and compares kilojoule value of real food; for example ½ banana has a similar kilojoule value to 2/3 cup of cornflakes or 2 squares of chocolate.

It explains to you (once and for all) that ‘a diet designed for EVERY body is not designed for YOUR body’ (quote) and ensures that you (the person lost and confused in the jungle of weight loss industry) are put back in charge!

How? Buy first explaining that your body is unique and there is no other like it … and so ‘to succeed at losing weight, you need to understand YOU, before you focus on food’ (quote). And then it equips you with practical and easy to follow tools to do just that; understand yourself first, understand food and drinks you consume, understand the impact of physical activities (no you do not need an expensive gym membership, or drink copious amounts of water), and how to DESING YOUR OWN WAY!

This is it – the power is firmly put back into your hands where it belongs! Because guess what – you are IN CHARGE of your life, your food and your drink … all you need are the tools that work, and are sensible enough to be practical. Every time you start yet another ‘new die’, you effectively surround this power to somebody else … you abdicate your power to some smiling guru or faceless corporation!

Not only that book proved really great; but to my surprise, when I wanted further information and send an email via website address I found in the book, MaryRose personally responded to me and answer my question without trying to promote a thing!

And so while loathsome ‘diet’ was parting with its last breath, I devoured ‘Eggplant Salad with Yoghurt Dressing’ (page 136 in the book), confident in knowledge that I am free at last!


Author: Daniela

Reader, Writer, Mother, Freethinker, Habitual Day Dreamer, Blogger - Sharing Ideas, Poetry, Prose, and Conversations on the Lantern Post!

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